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"Nowadays, Tyumen Square is already a legendary place. After all, this is the place where Street Dreams Theater Festival has been held for several years in a row. In the Day of the city, creative teams from Spain, Italy, Argentina, Germany and other countries come here, and the whole public square turns into a huge entertainment zone.

But on weekdays Komsomolsky Square is also well-liked.. This is a real family square. For children there is a lot of entertainments, such as slides, small architectural forms, a playground where you can play catch-up. Adults have a rest by walking in the shade of trees or have a small picnic on the grass. There is a fountain in the square and a football field.

In autumn, it is time for photoshootings: golden cascades of foliage, picked up by warm, pleasant breeze, give the pictures a special charm. In winter, in the heart of the square, bright Christmas tree is set up, where people dance around and arrange happy holidays.

Square appeared in 1961 thanks to the Komsomol movement, hence the name. Before the square there was a potato field. So while Yuri Gagarin was preparing for his legendary flight, Tyumen was working tirelessly to create Komsomolsky Square. And they worked it out great.

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Tyumen, st. of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya