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IVA PARK is a new public cultural space, distinguished by its unique concept. This is not just a beautiful place. IVA PARK is a special lifestyle built on love, self-development and cooperation, it is a place for inspiration and a point of attraction for creative people of Tyumen and the region, it is a modern object of landscape art.

WILLOW PARK is located on 28 hills that form three valleys: Japanese valley - Japanese garden, rose Valley-French-Italian garden or "Garden for a woman in white" and Prairie Valley-modern "New wave" garden. All of them are absolutely different from each other in style, mood, character and scenario, the only thing that unites them is the main character of the Park - WILLOW. More than 65 species and varieties are used in the Park, and each garden has its own special varieties.

This place of incredible beauty was created by the efforts and at their own expense of the Akhmechet Nursery-Garden center " Astra»

About the project

The project was conceived by Margarita Valerievna Akhmechet in 2009. From 2011 to 2013, preparations for the implementation of the idea began. This was organized on the basis of the nursery International seminars "Birth Garden" that brought together leading professionals in the landscape industry for 3 years has conducted more than 25 workshops, more than 500 professionals – landscape architects and pitomnikovodov increased their professional level and the nursery staff were properly trained and prepared for construction.

Alexander Tolokonnikov, a well-known specialist in Japanese gardens and landscape architect, was invited to develop the project. Construction of the Park began in 2014, and the Japanese garden opened to the public with tours in 2018. Of the theme gardens, only the Japanese garden is open to the public, and this is a real corner of Japan in Tyumen. This is the only Japanese garden in Siberia, there is nothing like it for thousands of kilometers around. It is created in the tradition of gardens for tea ceremonies and is filled with meanings and cultural replicas of the country of the rising sun. It is a feeling of complete control over time and space. A person enters a garden and everything stops. As a meeting with the cosmos, on the one hand, on the other hand – a meeting with eternity. When man meets eternity and the cosmos, he meets himself.

You can only visit the Japanese garden in WILLOW PARK as part of group or individual excursions. They introduce the history, symbols and attributes of the Japanese garden. This is done for the convenience of guests, as the Japanese garden is chamber and filled with a large number of symbols and meanings, which are quite difficult to understand yourself. The path begins from the gate, the road is guarded by a special stone guardian. Further, the journey to Japanese culture goes along narrow paths that go up to the "mountains", yatsuhachi bridges, from one gazebo to another and ends in a tea pavilion. In each of them, a stop is made to explain the meaning of all the surrounding objects. We leave the bright red gate of torii, the color of which is associated with the legend of the goddess Amaterasu.
All plants in WILLOW PARK are from their own nursery and grown from seedlings and cuttings and can be purchased at the Garden center "Astra", on the territory of which the Park is located.

Before the start of excursions to the Japanese garden, you can walk and see the exhibition gardens ASTRA GARDEN Tyumen landscape designers and stars of domestic landscape design, multiple winners of international garden competitions, there are 19 of them and they are all different.

ASTRA GARDEN-2018 received the status of the most memorable event of the summer and was included in the collection "72 reasons to love the Tyumen region even more". The center of attraction of the Park is the Willow Park School, where various educational and cultural programs are held for professionals and Amateurs in the field of landscape design, gardening, floriculture, art and management, gardeners ' courses and advanced training courses for designers are prepared, thematic clubs are working: Clubs "flower Growers of Tyumen", "Viticulturists of Tyumen", concerts, lectures, master classes, seminars, projects "garden Pedagogy" and others.

Working hours: Daily from 10 to 18 hours

Schedule of excursions to the Japanese garden:
Summer period: Tuesday-Sunday 13.00, 15.00, 17.00, 19.00
Winter period: Saturday 13.00 (duration of the tour is 60 min.)
Adult ticket price: - 500 rubles
school children, students, pensioners, large families - 300 rubles
Children from 3 to 7 years old - 150 rubles
Children under 3 years old free of charge
Group of 6 to 15 people

Group tours for schoolchildren and students daily 10.00 -13.00 (duration-45 min (1 lesson)

Group of up to 15 people
Cost: 250 rubles per person, 10+1-for 10 children, one accompanying person for free

Group of more than 25 people
Cost: 200 rubles per person, 10+1 – 2 accompanying persons free of charge

Tyumen, 2nd km of the highway "Tyumen-Lugovoe", p. 1, IVA Park (Garden center " Astra»),
Registration for excursions and reference information by phone: 70-44-88

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Tyumen, 2nd km of the highway "Tyumen-Lugovoe", p. 1, IVA Park (Garden center "Astra") Registration for excursions and reference information by phone: 70-44-88 marketing.ivapark@mail.ru Go to site