Gagarin Forest Park
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Gagarin Forest Park

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Gagarin Forest Park is one of the Tyumen Region's landmarks. It can be found on the left bank of the Tura River. Before the Wolrd War II, the park occupied 120 ha, yet after that a part of the park was reassigned for the needs of the nearby tuberculosis hospital, intensive care and regional comitee's country houses. In 2002 the park received the status of a regional natural monument. On its territory one can find an archeological monument “Mysovskie kurgany” (Mys Mounds). During the excavations in 1920s, iron and bronze ages mounds were found there. There are many plants here as well. In summer, one can ride a bike here, and in winter — ski. Whether you are a history lover, outdoor enthusiast or botanist — this wondeful park will be always welcome you!

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g, Tyumen, northern part of the Lenin administrative district, on the left bank of the Tura river.
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