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Nightingale Grove

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The interior of the restaurant which name is translated as Nightingale Grove is fabulous: the brightness of the colors creates the feeling that you are in the faraway lands, in the 10th Kingdom at the banquet. You get in a fairy tale, when you open the door, music flows alive, mood rising. Maidens in colorful silk dresses meet the guests with delicious wild fowl, and a shot of vodka.
You will taste excellent dishes of the tsar time, offered for honorable guests only: venison with juniper berries, pheasant Kochubei, sterlet boiled in champagne. There are so many different dishes that you can't stand trying the treats cooked on secret recipes from old cookbooks.
Truly generous Russian holidays with skomorokhs (harlequin) and jesters: you drink without measure, you dance without tires for the beautiful sounds of gusli.

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