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Yalutorovsk Fortress

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The exile place of the Decembrists, the birthplace of the patron of art Savva Mamontov; the producer of the world-famous butter and the tireless creator of the largest pancake in the country – it is all about Yalutorovsk. You will be told the traditions, crafts and history of this Siberian town at the Yalutorovskiy Ostrog – a wooden fortress. The Yalutorovsky Ostrog tourist site stands on the very place where more than 350 years ago there was the first settlement since the conquest of Siberia by Yermak. The watchtowers, manor house of the first settler with a barn, a draw-well and household buildings, handicraft workshops and a square, surrounded by a high stockade, were reconstructed based on documentary shreds of evidence of an old fortress. It is an opportunity not only to touch the rich history of the town but also to master ancient crafts, to take part in original pastimes, to taste all kinds of dishes. This fantastic open-air museum is located in the very center of Yalutorovsk – on Sretenskaya Square, where for more than ten years residents and guests of the city have been baking a pancake giant on a three-meter frying pan.
At Yalutorovskiy Ostrog you can plunge into the world of peasant life, feel and enjoy the traditions of Russian culture. There are interactive tours, quests, exhibitions and public holidays. In the estate of the first settler, the hostess will treat with dishes of national cuisine, offer to bake bread together and give herbal tea. On the territory of the complex, there are Kolmakovskie Pekarni (bakeries), which are famous for their pastries according to the ancient recipes of tsarist Russia.
In the workshops, everyone can learn the folk handicrafts – patchwork, rug making, pottery, weaving and painting on wood. Nearby there are ancient amusements: giant steps, a Ferris wheel, a twist and a Russian swing. In the basement of the barn, a museum will tell about the life of residents in past centuries. You will see a model of an ancient dwelling, a funeral boat, an armory room, a torture chamber and a judge's office. Do not forget to climb to the observation decks – where you will admire a magnificent view of Yalutorovskiy Ostrog. A souvenir shop is also located on the territory of the museum complex.

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