Museum of the vintage machines named after Vladimir Mikhailov
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Museum of the vintage machines named after Vladimir Mikhailov

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"Get ready to dive into the atmosphere of the USSR, see and explore cars that have marked the whole era.
It is not a simple museum but a place that represents the connection between generations. For some it is all about memories of youth or the first car, for others a distant past that can only be encountered on pages of a book.

Every exhibit item has its unique history. The oldest one was released in 1936 and the youngest -in 1987. The overall collection includes 120 pieces of rare vintage cars and motorcycles.

There are items produced at the following factories: ZiL (Likhachov plant), GAZ (Gorkiy Automibile Plant), ZAZ (Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant), VAZ (Volga Automobile Plant), ZiS (First National Automobile Factory named after Stalin). Currently, only one third of all items are exhibited.

Exposition items will be changed from time to time, so you always have a chance to see something new."

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