Museum of smith craft
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Museum of smith craft

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Museum of smith craft situated in the suburbs, in Babarynka district, is one of its kind in the region. It is an interesting experience both for adults and children. Young visitors will have a chance to embrace the spirit of medieval knights, try on a suit of armour and get to know old household items. There are samovars (fire pots), old scissors, nails, different kettles, locks, irons, hammers and even a metal fortress.  Some items were made by craftsmen, others were donated by locals.

Founders of the museum will be happy to tell you more about the showpieces and their creation process. You will have a unique opportunity to become a blacksmith.

The museum is based on the restoration workshop which has been operating in Tyumen for 25 years. This loft space attracts many citizens because of its hospitality and fascinating events.
Make sure to contact the museum in advance before visitng.
г. Тюмень, проезд Воронинские горки, 182/2

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