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City Duma Museum

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To see one of the most massive mammoth skeletons in Russia and, if you're lucky, to celebrate its birthday, you can visit the Tyumen Local History Museum named City Duma. Also, here you will be told about the world's only winged tank and will be shown the first city clock, made in the likeness of the Kremlin Chimes.
The main pride of the museum keepers is the tallest and one of the oldest among their Russian countrymen skeleton of a woolly mammoth found near the city in 1885. For several years on November 30, the Tyumen people celebrate its "finding" day, organize thematic events with competitions, quizzes and gifts.
Besides, here you can see the remains of a fossil bison, woolly rhinoceros, cave bear, teeth of sharks (once in the area of Tyumen there was a sea).
A separate exposition will tell about the noncombatant life during WWII: about the sarcophagus for Lenin and the Tyumen mausoleum, the wagon-bath and the unique winged tank, the production of dry omelet and mortars for the front. In the attic of the building, you can touch the Tyumen chimes, and sometimes there are steampunk parties.
Come to the City Duma and find out where the parliament has gone!

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