Artisans House (Dom Masterov)
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Artisans House (Dom Masterov)

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To be acquainted with the traditional crafts of Siberian peasants and learn something yourself, you can in the Artisans House, which is located on the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin.
For a long time, local craftsmen were famous for carving on the bone. Their work is marked with gold medals at exhibitions in Paris and Brussels; some products are kept in the best Russian and foreign museums. Pottery is also famous – the works of the Tobolsk craftsmen were valued as works of art.
Here you will also be acquainted with blacksmithing, carving, bondage, beadwork, tannery, art painting, learn how knitting, rug making, weaving on bobbin began. You can attend classes in pottery and sewing, beading, creating an author's doll.
Here, the history and inspiration are united!

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2 Oktyabrskaya St., Tobolsk 8 (345) 627-53-88