Abalak Holiday Villiage
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Abalak Holiday Villiage

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It is the very place to be able to encounter Vikings in summer, to meet Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus, Father the Frost) in winter and to visit the dragon. At any time of the year, a wooden terem (early Russian elite house), located on the back of a colossal whale, is welcoming you; boundless dawns and ancient shrines await you. This place is called Abalak. The holiday village is located near Tobolsk and is a reconstruction of an ostrog – a small wooden fort of those times when Yermak and Cossacks conquered Siberia. It was on Abalak Lake 435 years ago, when Yermak defeated the ten thousandth army of the Mametkul Tatar Khan, thereby finally conquering Siberia. This and other stories you can learn by visiting the Abalak tourist village. Here the fairy tale meets with the reality. Travelers will visit the voivode chambers, fortress, mansions, tavern, smithy, bathhouse, children's playground, and much more. You will be able to compete in swords and visit the Potions master class from Baba Yaga – a folklore character. Here they propose to spend the night in the Voevodsky Chambers – ancient Russian blockhouse. The furnishing there is the most traditional: everywhere there are wooden furniture, patchwork rugs, beaded paintings, a cuckoo clock. All around is warm, cozy and comfortable. And what kind of treats! Dumas père himself and Gogol could envy: pelmeni with pike and bacon, salted fish, crispy mushrooms, vareniki with cranberries, rabbit in sour cream, roasted on the grid black grouses and pheasant, ribs of a lamb or young piglet baked on a spit. Passing by you can look into the hut on the chicken legs and learn the magic from Baba Yaga, see the performances that are arranged on the stage, located on the massive tail of the Chudo-Yudo (Monster-Marvel) Fish-Whale. In summer, under the walls of a wooden fortress, the international festival of historical reenactment Abalakskoe Polje is held. Year by year, the knights and Vikings meet each other, more than 15,000 people from all over Russia and foreign countries come to see the battle every year. In winter, the Ded Moroz's residency in the terem with carved windows opens its doors. In 2008, the Abalak tourist village was recognized as the best tourist project in Russia. Near the wooden fortress, there is a sacred place – the Abalak Monastery. Legend has it that after the defeat of Abalak by Yermak’s squad, Saint Nicholas appeared in front of one of the Cossacks and announced that the place was destined to become the home of God. The miraculous icon of the Mother of God of the Sign (Znamenie) is hosted there. For many years, Abalak is a place of Orthodox pilgrimage.

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