Spasskaya Church
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Spasskaya Church

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The stone Spasskaya Church (also known as the Church of the Image of “The Saviour Not Made by Hands”, or the Church of the Saviour) was built in 1794–1819 on the place of a decripit wooden one. The two-storied church was created in the SIberian Baroque style of the Tobolsk school. The most famous visitor to the Spasskaya Church was Tsarevich Alexander Nikolaevich — the future Emperor Alexander II — together with his tutor V. A. Zhukovsky.

In 1930, the Spasskaya Church was closed. In different years, it housed a cadets' dormitory, a library, a regional archive, and the funds of the regional museum of local lore. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the building came back to the Russian Orthodox Church, and in the 2000s it was completely restored. Visiting this place is worth it for the unforgettable atmosphere of the historical era and fascinating architecture!

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