Sophia Uspensky Cathedral (Sophia Cathedral of the Dormition)
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Sophia Uspensky Cathedral (Sophia Cathedral of the Dormition)

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The Sophia-Uspensky Cathedral of the Tobolsk Kremlin is considered to be the oldest stone building in Siberia. It is the cathedral of the Tobolsk-Tyumen diocese and the main temple of the Tobolsk Orthodox Seminary.
For more than 330 years of history, the cathedral as a phoenix bird was reborn after fires, lightning, and a hurricane. Two wooden ones preceded the stone building. The very first was laid as far back as 1623 and is called the temple of Sophia the Wisdom of God. 20 years later, it was destroyed in a fire. According to scientists, it was similar to the preserved wooden churches of Novgorod and Kizhi. Then a new one was erected in its place, but that one suffered the same fate.
With the support of Tsar Fyodor Alekseevich, in 1681 it was decided to build a stone church on the model of the Moscow Ascension Convent. The church, further the Cathedral, was given the name of the Dormition of the Mother of God. Now it has a double name - Sophia-Uspensky (Sophia-Dormition, Sophia-Assumption). At different times the cathedral was visited by future emperors Alexander II and Nicholas II.

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