Ilyinskiy Nunnery
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Ilyinskiy Nunnery

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The nunnery is the same age as the city, whose history is over 431 years. This is one of the most favorite and special places for Tyumen people. The nunnery is on the shore of the Tura river, not far from the place where the pier was located in the tsarist times.
It was there a hundred years ago that the Romanovs made a stop on the way to exile in Tobolsk. Before Tyumen, they traveled by train, which brought the imperial family directly to the pier. Workers reloaded the monarch's things from the train to the steamship Rus. On this occasion, Nicholas II left in his diary a memorable record, which, after 90 years, was carved on a marble slab. A worship cross was also installed there.
The pier, along which the emperor walked, is popularly called the Tsar Pier.
Many people from Tyumen come for a walk in the courtyard of this wonderful temple, from which you can see the Tura river and a monastery inner yard with a cross.
The nunnery itself has a children's shelter, an almshouse for elderly women and a sewing workshop.

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