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Bishop's House

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It turns out that houses can also be wandering. Standing in one place, time passes, and it appears on another. Such a building is the Bishop's House, a part of the Tobolsk Kremlin architectural ensemble.
Throughout its history, the house moved five times through the territory of the Kremlin - it was dismantled and rebuilt again in another place. Now you will find it next to the Pokrovsky Cathedral.
The working office of the acting Metropolitan of Tobolsk and Tyumen Dimitry is located here, the Office of the Diocese, and the Museum of Christianity, which keeps the history of Orthodoxy in the region since the arrival of the Yermak’s squad to Siberia. Among the exhibits are ancient orthodox relics.
It is believed, that in this building for almost 100 years, ghosts live. Steps, the creak of doors, the sound of moving furniture, the melody of a flute – all these sounds were heard at night by local workers and security guards. Some of them saw the ghost of a nun. The ghosts also frightened the crew of the First Channel.
Who knows, maybe you will meet a ghost in this wandering house. Are you ready to be scared?

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