Rubtsova’s House
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Rubtsova’s House

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The house of the middle-class citizen Rubtsova is located in the very center of the city at 34 Dzerzhinskogo Street, being favorite both for locals and for foreign tourists. And it's not only about the craftsmanship of its design, the fantastic platbands with wooden carvings, which are the part of architectural heritage. There is the restoration workshop of Vadim and Svyatoslav Shitov located who restored the architecture of more than 30 historical buildings that today are the treasure of Tyumen wooden architecture. At present, Shitovs father and son rebuild the wooden fence and the gates according to archival drawings. Soon, as during the life of their first mistress, the fence and gates will be decorated with carved lilies and nenuphars.
In their workshop, the restorers hold master classes on woodcarving for adults and children.

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34 Dzerzhinsky street, Tyumen
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