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Chiralovs House

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One of the most beautiful manor houses of the city is the house belonged to Filanida Chiralova. According to the beliefs, this elegant building of smoky orchid color fulfills wishes. If you were at an old house, located at 9 Volodarskogo Street, then touch it and make a wish. It will come true, says the legend. Better yet, go to a cup of coffee. Now there is the Golden Turtle restaurant of the local chain called Maxim. The sad story of the Chiralovs is connected with this beautiful mansion. To guess what was wrong, you can look at the ornament of carved platbands. They resemble a kokoshnik (a traditional Russian headdress worn by women), which meant that the girls lived there were ready for marriage. This treasure of Tyumen architecture belonged to Sergey Chiralov, who inherited his father's leatherwork. At that time, that surname rattled not only in Tyumen, but throughout Siberia, even got respect in Moscow. The younger brother of Sergey – Nikanor was even included in the list of honorary townspeople carrying Tsesarevich Alexander (the future of Alexander II) who arrived in Tyumen on a boat through Tura. And Sergey Chiralov had two daughters – Virineya and Filanida. The elder was successfully married, and the younger one did not manage to find family happiness. After graduating from the women's gymnasium, Filanida remained there to teach needlework. After the death of her father, she inherited the house, which is now historic landmark. But the leather business remained without a successor. Over time, the once famous surname was forgotten. In memory of the family of this luxurious house there is a modest sign "House of F. S. Chiralova." Next door is the Popovs house – the elder sister Filanida Chiralova lived there together with her husband.

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