Burkov’s Manor House
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Burkov’s Manor House

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To see what houses Tyumen magnates lived in at the turn of the 20th century, you can visit the residence of Burkov – the owner of a brick factory, a printing house, and grain business.
The luxurious wooden mansion of the last century occupied no less significant place in the architecture of Tyumen than its owner in the local society. The building on 32 Dzerzhinskogo Street belonged to merchant Vasily Burkov still is a splendid one. Not without reason, according to historians, it is one of the top five landmarks of architectural heritage in Tyumen in the 19th century. A unique wooden carving, mentioned in Russian and Western catalogs, makes the house to be exceptional. Currently, it is a school for additional education.
If you want, you can be acquainted with the mansion more closely. There are guided tours with tea and master classes. Hosts will tell not only about the owner of the house but also share the ancient Tyumen crafts and everyday lifestyle.

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Tyumen, Dzerzhinsky street
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