Brovtsyn’s House
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Brovtsyn’s House

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Love works wonders. Confirmation of this you can easily find on Dzerzhinskogo street, stopping at the house number 40. The history of its appearance could easily become a plot of Pushkin's story.
The wooden mansion that 100 years ago belonged to the middle-class citizen Sergey Brovtsyn is not only one of the treasures of the Tyumen wooden architecture, but also a cultural landmark of national historical significance. It was created exclusively following the heart and strong feelings.
The rich, educated Tyumen citizen fell in love with a girl from the lower class and asked her hand in marriage. Realizing that she was unequal, she refused. Then the merchant found a bride from his surroundings. Before the wedding, he decided to look at the wedding dress and went to the dressmaker, who was his former love.
At that time, the girl had found good manners, mastered the letter and learned to play the piano. The merchant dissolved the wedding and married the one he truly loved. He built that house for her. And as a sign of loyalty and purity, the girl ordered to depict the lilies on the door. It is believed, that these carved flowers bring happiness to those who touch them. They are waiting for you!

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Tyumen, Dzerzhinsky street, d. 40