What is the health? Caring for yourself, high quality of life, and proper medicine. And Tyumen Region can deliver that for its citizens and guests. According to the Rank of Accessibility and Quality of Medical Care, Tyumen Region takes a leading place. Today, you can get help on 20 high-tech medicine specialties from 21 existing ones. To have a rest, undergo preventive procedures and maintain health, you can visit one of the many Tyumen wellness centers or take a bath in hot springs resorts.

Thermal Springs

It is not necessary to take a mini-vacation if you want a good relaxing bath – it is just enough to go on one weekend to the Verkhniy Bor Spa & Recreaition Center. Hot springs give you an opportunity to bask in the water, and observe the unique Siberian nature, and breathe the fresh air. Such baths have a health and preventive effect. The water is hot in summer and winter. On the sunny, frosty or humid day, you can relax and lie exposed in the warm water of the spring.

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Санаторий «Сибирь»

Siberia Wellness Center

Recovering and returning to the regular rhythm of life is possible in one of the wellness centers of Tyumen Region. Siberia is one of the largest wellness centers in Western Siberia. Rest in a scenic pine-birch forest, the qualified assistance of specialists, comfortable accommodation are just a general description of what this amazing place can provide.

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Evgeny Garanichev

Russian biathlete, bronze medalist of the 2014 Winter Olympics in the individual race

«After the Olympic Games, I had recovered for two weeks in our magnificent wellness center, improved my health and came back to training. I bring the muscles to a healthy state in the Taraskul Wellness Center. Every year I'm being treated there. If I have time, then twice a year – in spring and autumn».

Санаторий «Тараскуль»

Taraskul Spa and Wellness Resort

Taraskul Spa and Wellness Resort is the largest federal health resort with a capacity of 885 places. It seems nature itself gave a clue to equip a place for treatment there. The fact is that in 1961, on the bank of the Maly Taraskul River, a well for oil was developed, but from a depth of 1,170 meters, there was hot mineral water with medicinal properties. Then it was decided to build a resort because of natural resources, which only have been improving over the years. Today, highly qualified personnel can do any treatment with modern medical equipment and use new techniques.

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Medical City

The Medical City is a unique project not only in the city, but in the whole region. This is the place where you can get a comprehensive treatment that combines surgical, therapeutic and radiation effects. In the Federal Neurosurgery Center for the first time in Russia, a hybrid intelligent operating room with a CT scan appeared. Patients are sent here even by Moscow specialists. Great attention is paid in the region to the rehabilitation of patients and their return to normal life. Being multidisciplinary clinical medical center, the Medical City is the largest oncology complex in the Urals Federal District. Specialized medical care is provided to patients with malignant neoplasms of almost all localizations, complex treatment is carried out combining the factors of surgical, medicinal and radiation exposure.

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Radiological Center

The radiological center simply changes stereotypes about Russian medicine in a much better way! Here, for the first time in Russia, a concept that combines radioisotope diagnostics and therapy is used under the roof of one building. The radiological center specializes in nuclear medicine, which makes it possible to diagnose the early stages and concomitant treatment of oncological (main specialization), cardiovascular, neurological, endocrinological, and other diseases.

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Regional Hospital No. 1

The Regional Hospital No. 1 is a place where real professionals can help and support. Here, reputation, trust, technology and sincere care for patients are closely intertwined. The Regional Hospital No. 1 is: • 2 multidisciplinary institutions at the addresses: Kotovsky, 55 and Yuri Semovskikh, 10 (Patrusheva village). • 37 specialized departments of different profiles • Newest equipment • Application of modern and low-traumatic techniques The hospital provides a set of services for diagnosis, therapy, and surgery. The priority is high-tech medical care: cardiosurgery, cardiology, endocrinology and thoracic surgery. Modern technologies allow you to often abandon traumatic operations with large cuts.