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Vladislav P. KRAPIVIN is a children's writer, poet, screenwriter, teacher, journalist. He was born Oct. 14, 1938 in Tyumen, where he spent his childhood.

In 1956, he entered the journalism department of the Ural State University (Yekaterinburg). Worked in the newspaper "Vecherny Sverdlovsk", in the magazine "Ural Ranger".

For almost three decades Vladislav Krapivin was the head of the "Caravelle" maritime youth squad he created in Sverdlovsk in 1961. The squad was focused on journalism, maritime science, and fencing. The squad still exists to this day, earlier had the status of a pioneer squadron, press center and sailing flotilla of "Pioneer" magazine. At present, the young graduates of the squad are at the head of "Caravelle".

The theme of childhood, which took place in Tyumen, is reflected in the works "Poplar Shirt," "White Ball of Sailor Wilson," in the books "Sixth Bastion," "Golden Ring on the Border of Darkness," "Butterfly on the Rod," "Little Poplars," "Steam-powered vessel "Ded Mazai" and others.

  In total, Vladislav Krapivin has about two hundred publications in different languages. He is a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR, winner of many awards (Lenin's Komsomol, "Aelita" of "Ural Ranger" magazine, RSFSR Writers' Union, named after A. Gaidar, "Pioneer" magazine).

Vladislav Krapivin died on September 1, 2020 in Yekaterinburg.

List of the most famous works by V.P. Krapivin

- Orion Flight (1960);
- Squire Casca (1965);
- Valka's Friends and Sails (1966);
- The Side Where the Wind is (1968);
- The Escape of the Horned Vikings (1969);
- The Shadow of the Caravelle (1970);
- The Scarlet Feathers of Arrows (1971);
- The Boy with the Spear (1973-1975);
- The Musketeer and the Fairy (1975);
- A Carpet Flyer (1975);
- Three of Carronade Square (1979);
- Children of the Blue Flamingo (1980);
- A Lullaby for My Brother (1980);
- Little Crane and Lightning (1981);
- Sevka Gluschenko's Tales (1982);
- Poplar Shirt (1984);
- Islands and Captains (1984-1987);
- Pigeon House in a Yellow Glade (1985);
- The Goose-Goose, the Ga-Ga-Ga-Ga... (1988);
- Outpost at Anchor Field (1989).