Respubliki Street

Respubliki Street

Respubliki Street is the main street of Tyumen. At first it used to be called Bolshaya Spasskaya (the Big Spasskaya) after the southern Spasskiye Gates, which were a part of the first Tyumen Ostrog (fortress). Since the early 18th century it became known as the Blagoveschenskaya (“Good News”) Street after the cathedral of the same name, which was built at the very start of the street.

In 1837 the heir to the throne — the future Emperor Alexander II — visited Tyumen, and the street received its new name — Alexandrovskaya (later changed into Tsarskaya).

On 10 August 1917, by the resolution of the City Duma, the Tsarskaya Street changed its name once again. Now it was called Respubliki Street.

about Tyumen Concert Hal

Tyumen Concert Hall is one of the leading performance venues in the Ural-Siberian Region. The official date of its birth is believed to be 30 October 1958, when the Concert-Performance Bureau, which existed since 1944, was transformed into the regional concert hall.

The new building was built in 1967, and in 2001–2003 it was reconstructed. In 1993 the Tyumen Concert Hall received the name of a Tyumen native and a People’s Artist of the USSR, Yuri A. Gulyaev.

Address: 34 Respubliki St.