The Tyumen region is famous not only for its natural riches, but also for its strong spiritual foundation. Here is the spiritual cradle of Siberia - the city of Tobolsk, in the center of which rises the only beyond the Urals stone Kremlin. Not far from the city is located Znamensky Abalaksky monastery - the main Orthodox shrine of the whole region.

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Main Shrines

The main places of attraction of Orthodox tourists in our region are the Abalaki St. Znamensky Monastery and the Tobolsk Kremlin. Annually hundreds of pilgrims from different regions of Russia come here. The white-stone Kremlin is in the heart of the city on the high bank of the Irtysh River. Semen Remezov himself made a contribution to the creation of this unique model of Siberian architecture. To date, the Kremlin includes more than 30 objects of secular and religious purpose. You can walk through the garden of Ermak, visit the ancient cathedral, see the throne of Catherine II and even spend the night in the building of the former prison castle. And you will be shown how to weave nettles, paint wooden toys, work on a potter's wheel and much more.

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Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus

«"I with great joy entered the ancient Tobolsk land, in this first Siberian capital of Russia - the city of Tobolsk, where in its day in fact the issue of great historical significance was decided - what Russia should be like; whether it should be a multinational state on the expanses of the Central Russian Upland or it has some other purpose related, inter alia, to the unification of different peoples, with the creation of a huge Eurasian community of people united by unified moral and spiritual ideals. It was with Tobolsk that the advance of Russian pioneers began in all the expanses of Siberia - and Eastern Siberia, and then the Far East. "».

The Imperial Route

The history of the royal family's stay in the Tyumen region is inextricably linked with the main shrines of the region. Among them are the Holy Trinity Monastery and Bogorodichno-Rozhdestvensky Monasteries in Tyumen, as well as the Abalak and Ioanno-Vvedensky Monasteries in Tobolsk. They are not only a place of attraction for Orthodox from all over the country, but also real historical monuments.

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Orthodox Landmarks of Tyumen

Tyumen is rich in Orthodox places with a long history. The main, as well as one of the oldest temples of the city is Znamensky Cathedral, which is located in the heart of the regional capital. Attention should be paid to the Holy Trinity Monastery, one of the oldest architectural ensembles in Siberia. It was here that the Metropolitan of Siberia and Tobolsk, Saint Philotheus of Leshchinsky, accepted the schema.

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