Must see

Must see

If you have long dreamed of visiting Siberia, but do not know where to start, go to Tyumen Region.

The recreation area harmoniously combines the magnificent nature with a developed infrastructure; healing mineral springs, clean air enriched with phytoncides, curative mud, and many other natural resources are the essential part of recreation centers and in health resorts.

Monasteries and temples

Unique museums and temples that people from all over the world want to visit will help to get acquainted with the history of the region. Of course, do not forget to look at the sights of the region’s cities and towns and get acquainted with the local cuisine or just look at the cozy cafes that can satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. To explore the region, you can choose one of thematic tourist destinations, or explore the region on your own. We have prepared a guide especially for you.

There are more than 3 million tourists visit Siberia on their terms: some choose pilgrimage tourism, others are interested in culture, and others simply want to relax.

So, if you belong to the first category of travelers, pay attention to the Abalaksky Znamensky Monastery, located not far from Tobolsk. According to the Siberian Chronicle, the appearance of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker to Yermak occurred precisely at that place. Do not forget to visit the spiritual capital of Siberia too, where the only stone Kremlin beyond the Urals is located. Its complex includes unique temples, and the Metropolis of the Tobolsk and Tyumen Diocese located there.

Pay attention to the cathedrals of Tyumen too. In the center is one of the oldest in the city Znamensky Cathedral. This is not only a magnificent example of the Siberian baroque style, but also the main church of Tyumen. According to legends, thanks to the icon Mother of God of the Sign, which is the main shrine of the cathedral, local residents managed to escape from cholera in 1848. Another one of the oldest temples is the Tyumen Holy Trinity Monastery, it has its history since 1622. During the reign of Peter I, a stone monastery was built on the site of a wooden church, which suffered from fire several times, according to the highest permission of the emperor, which prohibited stone construction in provincial cities.


If you are interested in the history and culture of Tyumen Region, take note of several popular objects. For example, visit the first private museum of Rasputin in the small homeland of the old man in the village of Pokrovskoye. Here you will see the personal belongings of Rasputin himself (dishes, furniture, icons), as well as members of the royal family. You can continue to get acquainted with the fate of the Romanovs, who were in exile in 1917, at the Museum of Nicholas II in Tobolsk. In that building, the imperial family had been living for seven months. The institution is included in the Tobolsk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, which includes several other famous objects: prison castle, Gostiny Dvor visitors center, Renterey (treasure chamber).

Many people associate Tyumen Region with the Decembrist revolt; some of them were set off into the exile in Tobolsk, Ishim and Yalutorovsk after the uprising on Senatskaya Square. Everyone can learn how their life had developed by visiting the House of Decembrists.

And of course, to visit the region and not to visit the largest drama theater in the country * - is the same thing as to visit London and not see Big Ben. The building is equipped with the latest technology, here, if required by the setting, there is a real rain on the stage. Another large-scale project is the Museum Complex named after I. Ya. Slovtsov. The total area of the building is 29,000 square meters. Among the treasures of the museum, there are unique works by Aivazovsky, Repin, Shishkin, and other famous artists. Also the exposition displays are Russian and Western European sculptures, 19th century porcelain, and valued icons. In total there are more than 350 thousand exhibits. Next door is the multimedia park Russia is My History.

Warm welcome

Find some time to stroll through the city to feel its spirit and character. In Tyumen, walk along the unique four-level embankment – the stylish decoration of the Tura River, crowned by the legendary Bridge of Lovers. Take a look at Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Want to enjoy nature? Then go to the Gilevskaya Grove or Zatyumensky Park.
On the way you will come across many cafes and cozy restaurants. Do not pass them by, because many of them have not only exquisite cuisine, but also keep the history of the region, show a beautiful view of Tyumen, are famous for the warm atmosphere. Especially we recommend the cafe "15/86"Potaskuy restaurant, Banking Club, Beograd Kafana, How we love, Happiness (Schastie), Gruzinka, Uzbechka.

If you are in Yalutorovsk – find time to visit the local ostrog, or stockade town. It keeps the memory of the exiled Decembrists, patron of the arts Savva Mamontov, traditions and crafts of this Siberian town, famous all over Russia by cooking the giant pancake.

The main attraction of Tobolsk is the white stone Kremlin – this is the heart and business card of the city.

The historical site became the finalist of the contest "Seven Wonders of Russia", and one of its photos was sold for 51 million rubles.

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Cold on outside, warm on the inside

If you cannot imagine a good rest without nature, health treatment and de-stress, then there are recreation centers and health resort at your service. Find time to plunge into the hot springs. They are presented in a wide range, so that you can not only choose water cooler or hotter, but also the most optimal composition of trace elements for your body.

Mineral water springs, as well as therapeutic sapropel mud, can be found in the largest health resorts of the region:Sibir, Ingala and Taraskul. Special programs have been developed here that take into account the health of visitors. The Geologist health resort has a thermal lake instead of hot springs. Here you can also take an active rest: in winter you can go skiing and snowboarding, as well as slides on tubing, for skating enthusiasts there is a skating rink, and in summer there are skates, scooters, bicycles, rollers and equipment for tennis, badminton and team sports.

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Imperial Route national tourism project

Find out the history of the royal family's stay in Tyumen Region through the main attractions of the region.