Maslovskiy vzvoz

Maslovskiy vzvoz

Maslovskiy vzvoz, paved in stone, is a part of the first cobblestone pavement in Tyumen (1893) between the railway station and the piers. The railway line also led here.

This small route segment had a huge cargo turnover. Almost all goods sent to Siberia were delivered to the Tura station and reloaded onto steamers. The goods from Siberia to the European Part of Russia also went through Tyumen, where they were reloaded from the steamers onto the wagons heading for the west.

In the early 19th century an elevator was built next to the dead end of the railway: 20 m in height, it could store up to 1 mln poods1 (16.38 mln kg) of grain

The residential building of the “Pristan Tura”

The residential building of the “Pristan Tura” station stands near a sharp turn of the road, at the very top of the coast. The two-story wooden building with a mezzanine was built at the Tura railway station, presumably in the late 1880s, and was updated at the early 19th century.

Before the revolution, the first head of the Tura Station, M. S. Kerzhentsev, lived here together with his large family.

Kerzhentsev’s house holds many secrets. They say that there are still underground passages under the house, which lead towards the river, the station and even further — to the pier warehouses along the Gosparovskaya Street.

Address: 1 Pristanskaya St.