LetoLeto Waterpark

LetoLeto Waterpark

The summer in the region is full of events and festivals. The most long-awaited event of this summer in Tyumen – the opening of the Water Park LetoLeto – took place on the 8 June.

LetoLeto is not only an extreme entertainment, but also the hotel, extensive rest areas, food court, thermal pool. And all these things are located in one place. Be one of the first visitors and buy a ticket to the water park!


Waterpark LetoLeto. Waterpark area is almost 50,000 square meters; the total length of the slides is about one kilometer, a total number of visitors is about 2,500 people a day. Without any exaggeration, this water park is number 1 in the Ural Federal District and one of the most modern and extraordinary water parks in Russia. More than 70 water slides, 8 of which with extreme rides, that are created to make everyone feel the taste of summer. Unexpected turns and incredible high-speed descents till 200 meters; a 150-meter slow river with a current speed of 3 kilometers per hour and a huge, almost kilometer wave pool with four modes. There is also a powerful and absolutely safe volcano and 6-meter waterfall shining with millions of colorful splashes! LetoLeto is another attraction for tourists. There is a large hotel with 187 rooms. The highlight is an open thermal spring with the depth of 1,700 meters. It amuses the guests not only with its scope but also with the healing properties of water, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, immune system, and other body systems. Tyumen water park is not only about entertainment but also technological effectiveness. At the entrance, the visitor receives a bracelet, on the screen of which you can see the temperature of the water, the temperature of the air, how much time is left, and what services you are offered. As for the safety, there are CCTV cameras installed in the building, also tracking sensors, dispatching the launch and more. A large number of options for the most incredible and impressive selfies! And this is only part of what is waiting for you. Do not miss it! More details about Waterpark

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