Paradoxically, on the street with the “Kommunisticheskaya” name there are one of the two active monasteries and a garden with a monument to the outstanding Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Filofey Leschinskiy; and next to it — on the Dimitrova Street — one can find the Tyumen Theological School.

The street received its modern name in 1922, on the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution, while its previous (and “correct”) title was Bolshaya Monastyrskaya Street.

Prior to the Revolution, there were two more Monastyrskaya Streets in Tyumen — the First and Second (currently Dimitrova and Svobody Streets).

Svyato-Troitskiy (Holy Trinity) Men Monastery was founded in 1616 by the monk named Nifont. In 1705 the Metropolitan of Siberia and Tobolsk, Filofey, asked Peter I to allow the construction of a stone church in the city. In 1715 the new cathedral was consecrated and named Troitsky (Trinity). The monastery received the same name.

In January 1923, the monastery was closed. Yet the churches continued to operate as parishes until 1929. In Soviet times, the monastery’s premises housed: a provincial archive, a military unit, a cement warehouse and a water canal.

In 1995, the monastery resumed its activity.

Address: 10 Kommunisticheskaya St.