History and Culture

History and Culture

Long before the founding of Tyumen in its place was the capital of the mighty Khanate Chingi-Tour. Maybe that's why one of the versions of the city's name is associated with the Tatar word "tumen", which means "ten thousandth army". In any case, the true origins of the origin of this word are unknown. But you can definitely say that since the formation of the first city in Siberia its history, culture and traditions have become so rich that absolutely everyone can find something to their liking.

Siberian Baroque

The picturesque pile of volumes, oriental motifs and the absence of pillars is what distinguishes the unique architectural trend called the Siberian baroque. In the Tyumen region, one of the most outstanding monuments of this style has survived. They include the Znamensky Cathedral and the Savior Church in Tyumen, as well as the Church of Zachary and Elizabeth in Tobolsk. Visiting such places will be a real gift for all connoisseurs of unusual architectural forms and rich history.

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Купеческие дома

Merchant Houses

Speaking of Tyumen architecture, we can not fail to mention the merchant's houses. They have not only a unique style, but also an interesting history. For example, the most famous building in Tyumen is the Kolokolnikov estate. After all, it was here that the future emperor Alexander II stayed, and in the house of the Kornilovs Dmitry Mendeleyev himself stayed at his time. Visit is one of the most beautiful mansions of Tyumen, the house of Filanida Chiralova. By the way, one of the main features of the Tyumen merchant houses is amazing platbands, which are a real decoration of the historical part of the city.

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The Imperial Route

The history of the royal family's stay in the Tyumen region is inextricably linked with the main shrines of the region. Among them are the Holy Trinity Monastery and Bogorodichno-Rozhdestvensky Monasteries in Tyumen, as well as the Abalak and Ioanno-Vvedensky Monasteries in Tobolsk. They are not only a place of attraction for Orthodox from all over the country, but also real historical monuments.

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Grigory Rasputin

A person inextricably linked with the royal family, as well as the most famous Russian in the world, is, of course, Grigory Rasputin. Everyone knows it, but the fact that he was born in the Tyumen region is known to a few. For those who are interested in the history of this old man, in the village of Pokrovsky - his small homeland - a private museum works. There visitors will be able to see unique photographs, get acquainted with the manuscripts of Grigory Rasputin, as well as hear a unique story of his life. By the way, it was in the village of Pokrovsky that horses were harnessed driving the Romanovs to the Golgotha ​​of the Ipatiev House.

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Outstanding People of the Region

The Tyumen land is famous not only for Grigory Rasputin. There were born a lot of people who became famous far beyond the region and even Russia. Among them - Dmitry Mendeleyev and Peter Ershov. Despite the fact that they were engaged in completely different spheres of activity, there is something that unites them. At one time they both studied at the Tobolsk Men's Gymnasium. That is why this place has a special historical value. By the way, the gymnasium has one more feature - one of its teachers was the father of the great chemist - Ivan Pavlovich Mendeleyev.

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The Decembrists

Continuing the theme of people who glorified the Tyumen region, it is necessary to tell about the Decembrists. And although they were not from Siberia, their contribution to the development of culture is truly valuable. For example, the business card of Yalutorovsk is a museum complex, based on the memorial houses of Muravyov-Apostol and Yakushkin. Here you can not only see the objects belonging to the Decembrists and their descendants, but also completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of that amazing time.

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Побывайте в Остроге! Ялуторовск

Feel the History

One of the most famous Siberian fortresses is also in Yalutorovsk.The place of exile of the Decembrists, the birthplace of the philanthropist Savva Mamontov, the producer of the famous butter in the old days and the indefatigable creator of the largest pancake in the country is all Yalutorovsk. The Yalutorovsky prison will tell you about the traditions, crafts and history of this Siberian town.The tourist complex stands in the very place where more than 350 years ago there was the first settlement since the conquest of Siberia by Yermak.зад находилось первое со времен завоевания Сибири Ермаком поселение.

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