Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals

Every year thousand tourists come to Tyumen to take part in exciting festivals and get into the world of extraordinary emotions. Even the most demanding tourist will find something interesting. Three-meter pancakes baking, arranging medieval battles and organizing open-air global concerts can happen here.

Путешествие во времени – легко!

Annual Festival of Historical Reconstruction

To turn up in a real medieval city, you just need to come to the Abalak Field festival. Mass collisions of soldiers, archery, meat and mead. In general, these are real adventures and a great way to get into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, testing your strength in competitions with warriors.

Yuri Batt

Head of Tobolsk Municipal District

«I am sure that the Abalak Field festival will be held for the nineteenth and twentieth time. The festival lives while there are enthusiasts of their own craft, while we remember the past, we care about the future».

Небо и Земля - найди себя.

Heaven and Earth Ethno Festival

This Ethno Festival has already existed for ten years and during this time has grown to the largest in the Urals region. It is the unity of people in an atmosphere of celebration, creativity, and self-development. In 2017, 23 venues were installed, 44 concerts and 581 workshops were organized. About 6,500 people in total became the guests of the festival.

Любители классической музыки

Summer in the Tobolsk Kremlin: for fans of classical music and beautiful landscapes

A landmark cultural event of the all-Russian level is held in the spiritual capital of Siberia. Here you can enjoy music performed by the open-air orchestra of St. Sophia's Сourt in the Tobolsk Kremlin. Enjoy the mesmerizing operas with the participation of the world stars. See the beauty of the picturesque city. Here such celebrities as Sergei Bezrukov, Yuri Bashmet, Helikon-Opera, soloists of the Mariinsky Theater, and others perform. Fans of classical music never miss this event.

Biathlon in Tyumen

Биатлонная столица Сибири уже дважды гостеприимно приняла гонки чемпионов, объединивших сильнейших спортсменов мира. В 2016 году здесь на высочайшем уровне прошел чемпионат Европы по биатлону. Качество биатлона по-тюменски оценили многие мировые эксперты. Всем очень нравится, и тут двух мнений быть не может.

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