The pristine vast of nature is a perfect area for ecological tourism. In the Tyumen region, there are great opportunities for such a kind of a holiday: everyone can enjoy purity, silence and complete harmony with nature.

Nature of Tyumen Region

Tyumen Region is located in the center of Eurasia, stretching from the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Its territory is 160.1 thousand km2, second only to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in size and the Krasnoyarsk Krai and equal to the area of Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain taken together.
The main rivers are the Irtysh, the Ishim, the Tobol. The Irtysh is the main tributary of the Ob, which is the second longest river after Missouri. Its upper reaches flow through the territory of China, and then through Kazakhstan.
Two state nature reserves of national importance, Tyumen and Belozersky, were created to preserve the nature of the region, followed by 33 reserves of regional significance, and also 29 natural landmarks are being protected.

Места для экотуризма

Ecotourism Sites

To see the most beautiful places like pure, pristine nature, dense forests and real Siberian swamps, you have to try your best to get there. But because of that, pleasure from the rest will be even stronger. At the lake Svetloye you can ride a real swamp-boat, in the Gnezdo recreation center you can stay overnight in the house on a tree, and not far from the Abalak you can see the outstanding panoramic view of the Irtysh River.

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M.Y. Lermontov


«Moving away from the conditions of society and approaching to nature, we unwittingly become children: our mind relieves from everything that we have, and it becomes again the same as it was once, and, it seems, someday it will be still».

Экополис «Фестивальный»: все развлечения в одном месте

Festival Ecopolis and the foothill of Abalak

435 years ago, Yermak ataman of Cossacks defeated 10,000 men army of Mametkul Tatar Khan on the Lake Abalak, and thereby finally conquered Siberia. This and other stories you can learn by visiting the Abalak Fortress. Here the fairy tale meets with the reality, and comfort with the vastness of the Siberian landscapes. One of the features is a stunning panoramic view of the Irtysh River and the surrounding area.
And in 42 km from Tyumen, fans of active vacations and fresh air will find a perfect place called ecopolis. 20 hectares are specially equipped for one of the main summer events – the Heaven and Earth festival. Here people joint in atmosphere of holiday, creativity and growth.

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