Tyumen is rich in Orthodox places with a long history. The main, as well as one of the oldest temples of the city is Znamensky Cathedral, which is located in the heart of the regional capital. Attention should be paid to the Holy Trinity Monastery, one of the oldest architectural ensembles in Siberia. It was here that the Metropolitan of Siberia and Tobolsk, Saint Philotheus of Leshchinsky, accepted the schema.

Bone Carving

The first bone-cutting workshops appeared in Tobolsk at the beginning of the 18th century. The unique works of Tobolsk masters are kept in the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, with great success exhibited at international exhibitions. These include miniatures from the tooth of a sperm whale, elk horn and even a mammoth tusk. Now the bone-cutting factory in Tobolsk is the only operating company of its kind in the country where it is possible not only to see unique products, but also to acquire them for memory.

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Wooden Architecture

Another pride of the Tyumen region is the unique monuments of wooden architecture. They are distinguished by three-dimensional carving and incredible beauty trim. Despite the fact that there is an active modern building in the regional capital, such houses are treated with special trepidation. You can see them in the historical part of the city. To do this, you can stroll along the streets of Dzerzhinsky, Semakov, Volodarsky, Kirov. Special attention should be paid to the homes of Burkov, Masharov, Chiralova and Kolokolnikov.

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Carpet Weaving

It is worth to look in Tyumen and the traditional carpet, because carpet weaving is one of the brightest and original crafts of Siberia. Previously, they not only decorated the walls, covered the chests and benches, but also used them as blankets for travel. Now this is a real work of art. You can make sure of this by visiting the unique exhibition "The work never ends," which takes place in the building of the Tyumen Museum and Educational Association. It unites contemporary artists from Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Italy, Russia and Turkey. All the works included in the exposition are in one way or another connected with weaving, weaving and needlework. And the inspiration for the organizers of the project was precisely the tradition of Tyumen carpet weaving.

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