Black Gold of Siberia  oilman-style tourist route

Black Gold of Siberia oilman-style tourist route

The romance of the North in the exciting tour in the oilman-style called Black Gold of Siberia

Tyumen and Tyumen Region are strongly associated with oil and gas production. And no matter how we assure you that there is no oil in the regional capital, you refuse to believe in it. To clarify where the oil production is, what is the process and how to eat mineral oil (it happens), you are welcome to join the Black Gold of Siberia oilman's tour. We assure you will have a complete surprise adventure.

of Black Gold

Despite the fact that the first mention of mineral oil in Western Siberia dates back to 1903, many historians are sure that Peter I himself was holding a bottle with this hydrocarbon raw material, which was brought to him from a scientific expedition. But the Mendeleyev-kind people were not born yet, and the energy breakthrough had to be postponed for centuries.

Only in the 30s of the 20th century, the genius of geology Ivan Gubkin aimed his scientific research on the Tyumen region. Scientific expeditions were sent to the region one after another. In 1949, in Tyumen, the first support well was drilled, but instead – mineral water rushed from it. In memory of this event on the very spot, a pylon was installed and a public garden planted, where you will come on the tour.

By the way, mineral thermal springs are a business card of the city. They are famous not only in Russia: many foreigners come to the region to evaluate the Tyumen style of Karlovy Vary. Majestic coniferous forests, rich with phytoncides air, healing water, calm and bliss – these and other pleasant sensations will be delivered to you by the nature of our region. The monument to the explorer of the Tyumen subsoil, Yury Ervye, is the reflection of great conquerors of the North, tireless romantics and scientists of oil and gas exploration. Yury Ervye was the second most popular Yury in the era of the 60s of the 20th century.

The Black Gold of Siberia
oilman tour

Admitting the fact that there is no mineral oil in the city itself, but there are serious scientific institutes, universities and oil refineries. The Black Gold of Siberia route goes through some of them.
International Training Center of the Tyumen Industrial University. It is equipped with unique gear for simulating the drilling and operation of wells. Besides, tourists have a chance to visit the training ground of Tyumen Industrial University in the village of Uspenka, where a drilling rig with a height of 43 meters and a carrying capacity of 150 tons is located. Here as well a famous Sibiriada movie was shot.

After the theoretical part of the tour, the participants are joining a fascinating interactive event. Everyone will be able to pass the initiation rite to the oil industry – to put on a working robe, swear an oath, touch the oil and smear with it.
Gourmets will be pleased with an unusual treat – the oilman's ukha. This is a fragrant, creamy soup made of popular varieties of northern fish, and entirely black. What is the secret and where is Tyumen oil, you will learn at the tasting.

«Тур нефтяника» - чёрное золото Сибири в твоих руках!

The Black Gold of Siberia is right at your fingertips!

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