Tyumen Region is being visited not only for a quiet and peaceful rest in the pine forest. The region has prepared entertainments for fans of extreme sports. Active tourism in Siberia is not only winter swimming in icy water. Flying on a paraglider, a hot-air ballooning, airplane rides; hunting and fishing; riding a dog sled, motocross – and that is not all.

Хотите что-то более будоражащее Активный туризм

Airplane Ride

For those who do not find enough entertainments on earth, there is an airy extreme in Tyumen. A hundred kilometers from the city, there is a private airfield of a small aircraft. The team of pilots is ready to ride their guests on flying machines, as well as teach various techniques. By the way, it is worth to go there not only for flights but also for incredible landscapes.

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Полеты на воздушном шаре и параплане

Hot-Air Ballooning

You can fly not only by plane in Tyumen. The team Sky of Siberia 72 offers to swim above the ground in a balloon. It is an opportunity to overcome your fear and get positive emotions, as well as a great way to see Tyumen panorama from a bird's eye view.

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Яхт клубы

River and Lake Holiday

In Tyumen, you can try to sail a yacht, swim on a catamaran and even more extreme kind of water tourism such as wakeboarding, which is ideal for those who do not want to be apart from his snowboard in summer.

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Вейк-парк: сноуборд летом


As for wakeboarding, this extreme sport is similar to snowboarding on the water and combines elements of water slalom, acrobatics, and jumps. In the regional capital, you can try this in Richwood Park. There is an equipped track for both beginners and experienced riders. Professional instructors will teach all the basic techniques, and for those who do not have their equipment, there is an inventory rental office there.

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Катание на собачьих упряжках

Dog Sledding

Start with the real Siberian entertainment. Once upon a time, both poles of the Earth were conquered with dog sleds. Now, one of the most famous sled dogs are husky ones; they win the hearts of all who ever see them. Get a powerful charge of positive emotions on the Lesnoy pond. There are specific kennels where dogs are grown and cared for. Shaggy four-legged friends will give a ride for everyone on the Siberian expanses and will be happy to pose for the camera.

Winter Activities

There are some other ways to recharge your emotional batteries. Tyumen has many extreme entertainments, but the most impressive is, of course, winter ones. For skiing and snowboarding, it is worth to go to Voroninskie Gorki. It is the ideal place to hone your skills of jumping and tricks because the regulars of the sports center build real snow jumps. And for those who prefer more peaceful pastime, there is an opportunity to ski through a coniferous forest of the Pearl of Siberia Biathlon Center, which is considered one of the best in the world.

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Hunting and Fishing