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Yalutorovsk is a City of the Decembrists

Yalutorovsk is a City of the Decembrists

10 hours
"In order to be interesting and fun to spend the weekend, you do not need to travel far enough, it is enough to visit Yalutorovsk, located just 85 km from Tyumen.
Start your journey with an inspection of the Decembrists Square, because one of the unofficial names of Yalutorovsk is the city of the Decembrists. Then visit the Seretinsky Square, the Lancaster class in the mansion of the Balakshin merchants and the house of the merchant-patron S. Mamontov.
Once you have come to the city of the Decembrists, then go to the Yalutorovskiy Museum Complex, which in 2008 came to the semifinal of the contest "Seven Wonders of Russia". There are memorial houses of Matvey Ivanovich Murav'ev-Apostol and Ivan Dmitrievich Yakushkin, the Museum of Local Lore and the House of Nature. In the house of Muravyov-Apostle, for example, you can see the interior of the first half of the XIX century and objects of that era: books with autographs of the owner, watches and furniture and much more.
Be sure to visit the famous Yalutorovskiy Ostrog, where you will plunge into the world of peasant fun. There you will see a photo session in national costumes, archery, making a folk doll, painting on wood, modeling of clay. And this is only part of all the entertainment.
Complete your wonderful adventure with a real peacock feast with traditional Russian cuisine. "


Tyumen Region is exciting and diverse. Historical excursions, entertainment tours, and out-of-the-track routes – get ready for an exceptional and thrilling adventure.

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