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Tobolsk Provincial Museum

What is the connection between Nikolay II, Dmitry Mendeleev, Aleksander Kolchak and Vladimir Putin? They have all been to the Provincial Museum of Tobolsk. Before the revolution it was the main scientific and cultural center of Siberia.
The construction of the museum started in 1887 In an honor of 300 years anniversary of Tobolsk. The construction was supported by public and private money; ordinary citizens as well as wealthy merchants made their contributions. The museum had a library and weather station.
Crown prince Nikolay visited the museum on his way to the East of the country. He took it under his protection and left a signature. Museum showpieces were highly appreciated by Dmitry Mendeleev and visitors of the World Fair in France. General Kolchak covered some maintenance consts hold by the museum. President of the country Vladimir Putin visited the museum as well.
You can find out more about the museum and its unique showpieces during interesting excursions offered to visitors.

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