Neftyanik Palace of Culture
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Neftyanik Palace of Culture

Huge, stylish, modern – that's how you can describe the Neftyanik Palace of Culture. One of the most status-related events of the region and the best concert performances take place here. The building has several rooms, a café and restaurant. Scenes are transformed, rotated, and the ground can rise. A bright landmark of the new palace of culture is the marble chandeliers made on an individual order in Armenia. Each chandelier has the coats of arms of Russia and Tyumen Region.
The building has all the facilities for people with disabilities.

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1 Osipenko St., Tyumen 8 (345) 228-32-32 Go to site

Events in the region

Tyumen citizens many times became the winners in international competitions in track and field athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, and biathlon.

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