Museum of Emperor Nicholas II's Family
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Museum of Emperor Nicholas II's Family

You can see where and how the last Russian emperor and his family spent the last year of their life by visiting a unique museum. The house where the imperial family lived is located in the piedmont part of Tobolsk. This two-story building at number 10 on Mira Street is referred to as the Governor-General House. Here, indeed, the governor-general of Western Siberia once lived, and from August 1917 to April 1918 the Romanov family found their shelter.

The surviving photographs and diaries helped to recreate the furnishings of the Emperor's last office, a large hall in which the Romanovs held cultural evenings, played performances and prayed, the Alexandra Feodorovna's red drawing room and the Tsarevich Alexei's room. In that room you can see the bed and the very furnace that heated the heir. Marble window sills, wooden floors and a staircase to the second floor, on which Nicholas II climbed every day, remained unchanged.

Museum workers will tell you a lot of interesting things about the life of the royal family. Welcome!

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