Berezovka Recreation Center
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Berezovka Recreation Center

Just imagine, far from the city rush, there is a small island where you can go fishing for carp, hunt a pheasant or take a health treatment. Everywhere is silence, peace, soft dawns and fresh air. Do n’t believe it?
All of these are waiting for you at the Berezovka Recreation Center, as well as a hot spring, a family-run farm, and apitherapy, which is located 15 km from Zavodoukovsk (1.3 km to the north-west from Kokuy Village).

To make visitors' accommodation more comfortable, an artificial island was created there. Fans of fishing will be able to catch carps, silver carp, white cupids, pike or freshwater crawfish. Hunters can shoot pheasants with the help of dogs supervised by a cynologist.

Those who prefer a peaceful holiday can try apitherapy, which means contactless treatment with the help of honey inhalation pollen, propolis and therapeutic sleep on hives. Moreover, you will feel the miraculous power of healing waters in a hot spring nearby.

For children, there is a camel and a bird farm. While visiting the bird farm, you can see turkeys, guinea fowls, pheasants and domestic geese.
Everybody will find something for himself or herself here.
Just explore your island!

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15 km from Zavodoukovsk (1.3 km to the north-west from Kokuy Village). 8-982-910-24-36; 8-952-346-69-76 Go to site

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Tyumen citizens many times became the winners in international competitions in track and field athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, and biathlon.

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