Yermak’s Garden
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Yermak’s Garden

The history of the Yermak’s Garden dates back more than 160 years. The park is still a favorite place for resting of Tobolsk citizens. According to decree of Nicholas I, the brother of the famous artist Karl Bryullov – Alexander created a monument-stele to Yermak in 1839. It was installed in the very place where, according to historians, the decisive battle between the troops of Yermak and Kuchum took place, after which the Tatars were expelled from Siberia.
In 1855, around the stele a park was built, from which a beautiful view of the Kremlin and the foothill part of Tobolsk opens up. At the same time, a greenhouse was built here, where vegetables, flowers and even pineapples were grown.
Today the park has been reconstructed. There are new pavilions and benches, a playground for children, an amphitheater.

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Chukman, Tobolsk

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Tyumen citizens many times became the winners in international competitions in track and field athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, and biathlon.

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