“Twelve Chairs of Desires” Art Installation
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“Twelve Chairs of Desires” Art Installation

The “Twelve Chairs of Desires” Art Installation is located next to the “RENTAL” Shopping Mall. On the backs of the chairs — made of cast itron at the Kasli Factory of Architectural and Artistic Casting — one can read the quotes from the legendary novel by Ilf and Petrov. The idea of creating such installation belongs to O. A. Chebykin, the RENTAL director. Six of the chairs are detached, the other six are connected in pairs. Each chair or a pair follows a particular topic and bears a corresponding emblem. For example, the chairs “Love and Happines” are decorated with the “Heart”, while the pair “Agreement — Reconciliation” is crowned with the sculpture of two hands, united in a handshake. According to the authors, the chairs bring wishes to life if one just sits on them. Be sure to rub the chair for certainty and — if you wish for “Wealth” — to drop a coin into the corresponding chair's slot.

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