Robinson Crusoe’s Garden
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Robinson Crusoe’s Garden

Did you know that Daniel Defoe "sent" his hero Robinson Crusoe after the uninhabited island in Tobolsk to spend the winter? Defoe wrote about that in the sequel to the novel Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.
The main character made a trip to Russia through China. In Tobolsk, Robinson spent his time in the pleasant society of high-ranking convicts and tried not to freeze from the cold. From the food he liked dried venison, bread, fish, lamb and buffalo meat. He drank honey and water-diluted vodka.
In memory of this artwork in Tobolsk, the Garden of Robinson Crusoe was opened with bronze figures of the main character, his companion Friday (even though he did not live to see this trip) and Laika's dogs.

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Semena Remezova, Tobolsk

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