Decembrists Garden
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Decembrists Garden

One of the favorite places for rest is the Decembrists Garden. It is located near the Zavalnoye cemetery, where the sons of freedom are buried, who were sent to exile in Tobolsk. Seven of the 15 freethinkers remained in the spiritual capital of Siberia forever.
The square is decorated with bas-reliefs "The Life of the Decembrists in Tobolsk", from which one can learn about their invaluable contribution to the development of the city. They engaged in free medical practice, participated in charitable projects, organized cultural events.
In the center of the garden, there is a monument to the wives of the Decembrists who went to voluntary exile following their husbands.
So the garden is not just a cozy place for rest and solitude, but also an excellent historical landmark, symbolizing the dedication, nobility and inquisitiveness of the mind.

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Semena Remezova, Tobolsk

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