Yadryshnikovs Homestead
Architectural Heritage

Yadryshnikovs Homestead

The homestead belonged to two brothers – merchants in the Second Guild Aleksander and Nikolay Yadryshnikov. The homestead includes two adjacent buildings and a flanker. The corner house was built in 1890s and then expanded in 1904. Another two-story stone building that accomodated shops on the first floor and had some living space on the second one was built in 1909. The entire homestead represents the part of the historico-architectural environment created at the end of the nineteenth century in Tyumen. This environment depicts typical for that time neo-Russian, renaissance revival and neo-classical motives.

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Tyumen, st. Respubliki, 17

Events in the region

Tyumen citizens many times became the winners in international competitions in track and field athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, and biathlon.

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