Sergeyev’s House
Architectural Heritage

Sergeyev’s House

Not far from the Embankment at the Chelyuskintsev Bridge, you can see a remarkable house. This two-storied mansion with a hinged balcony, crowned with tent turrets with a scaly roof, was born to be depicted on postcards. The architects name it the treasure of the wooden Art Nouveau – not much of this kind left. So, if you are in the center, be sure to turn to Dzerzhinskogo Street and walk to the building with number 12.
Today the house got a new life. It was built in 1909 by the owner of the hemp-rope plant Nikolay Sergeyev, and 90 years later it was left in desolation. It stood abandoned for about ten years until an entrepreneur bought it and carried out the reconstruction. The mansion had to be dismantled, and rotten elements were replaced. Now the building, like a hundred years ago, opens its doors to the guests.

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Tyumen, Dzerzhinsky street, 12

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