Renterei (Treasury House)
Architectural Heritage

Renterei (Treasury House)

Do you know that the front entrance to the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin was precious? Passing through Renterei, you find yourself under the main treasury of Siberia. That very place three centuries ago kept the state treasury and yasak – a tax from the native population in the form of furs (sable, fox, and marten) was brought to the cellars of the building. The building got its name due to quitrent, collected from the peasants.
Semyon Remezov, a famous architect, cartographer and historian of Siberia, designed the building. That time it was called the Dmitrievsky Gate, that triumphal arch symbolized Russia's entrance to Asia.
Now this landmark is also a treasury, but already a historical one. Here you will see items from different eras – from the Stone Age to the present. Stone tools, ancient utensils, bronze-casting items coexist with old spinning wheels, rare suitcases, and the first TV sets. There are separate rooms dedicated to ethnography and natural science collections.
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