Komsomolets Torpedo Boat
Architectural Heritage

Komsomolets Torpedo Boat

Komsomolets Torpedo Boat is set up in the Petr Potapov Square. The initiative to create a monument belongs to the community of veterans of the shipyard. Initiative was implemented by Tyumen regional branch of the United Russia Party in the framework of the party project Victory Weapon.

The monument became a symbol of the labor achievement of Tyumen Shipbuilding Plant Team, which forged the Victory in the rear during the war years, and the sailors who fought on these boats.

Komsomolets Torpedo Boat is an exact replica of those that were manufactured at the shipyard during the Great Patriotic War. In total, the company produced 165 torpedo boats, which made a great contribution to the Victory. For heroic work during the years of the Great Patriotic War, the factory’s collective was forever awarded the Red Banner of the USSR State Defense Committee and was awarded to the only one of all enterprises in the region with the First Degree Order of the Patriotic War,.

Memorial plates were set up with the names of those who worked at the factory during the war years and were awarded with state awards.

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Tyumen, st. Novogorodskaya, 10

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