Gostinyy Dvor
Architectural Heritage

Gostinyy Dvor

The Gostinyy Dvor (it is translated from Russian either as "guest court" or "merchant yard”), located on the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin, can be called a kind of landmark of the Siberian merchant class. It was local merchants at the end of the 16th century who made the first steps towards establishing trade relations with China and, without knowing it, made a sensation in the Russian economy. The main imports from the land of All Under Heaven in those days were silk fabrics, precious stones, porcelain, tea and ... rhubarb!
The last one was worth the weight of gold in Europe because it was considered curative. In Russia, a monopoly was established: it was bought from the Chinese and resold to Europeans. The British and French valued it five times more expensive than saffron, and the Venetians exchanged this plant for mirrors, velvet, crystal, costly weapons.
The Gostiny Dvor in Tobolsk was an essential point of trade. Merchants from India, China, and countries of Central Asia came here. A hotel was specially organized for them. The hotel exists and to this day – but nowadays for tourists only. Here you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere, and on the way visit the Museum of the Siberian Entrepreneur and the nettles workshop.
You will find out not only what the Siberian traders were famous for, but also get acquainted with the revived technology of creating a nettle canvas, from which people once wove shirts.
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