Girls Gymnasium
Architectural Heritage

Girls Gymnasium

Girls Gymnasium was being built instead of an old progymnasium building (1859) in two stages from 1901 to 1904 with the financial assistance of Tyumen merchants.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the Tyumen merchant Kondratiy Sheshukov allocated some money to build the first girls school in Tyumen. The school began its work in 1859 and in 1860 was turned into a secondary school and in 1871 into a progymnasium. Students of the progymnasium came from various social classes. As the progymnasium was for everyone, the number of students was growing steadily year after year, therefore leaving no space in the old building for more students.

In April 1899 the local merchant Grigory Kolmogorov together with his brothers initiated the expansion of the building. The first supporter and contributor was the trading house  “Kolokolnikov Brothers” that mobilized 11 500 rubles among the merchantry. In its turn, Kolmogorovs family contributed more than 3 000 rubles. The construction was completed by 1904 and the whole town was proud of the biggest progymnasium in Siberia. At that moment around 300 girls attended the progymnasium. It is  interesting to consider the social distribution of students: 76% of students were burgeois and peasants whereas the remaining 24% represented nobility, officialdom, merchantry and clergy. Due to the construction of the new building, it became possible to provide students with a canteen for 350 places, create a free-of-charge professional dressmaking department and one more classroom. All these activities led to the future transformation into a gymnasium in 1904.

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