Aleksandrovskoe Realschule
Architectural Heritage

Aleksandrovskoe Realschule

Aleksandrovskoe Realschule is the second one in Siberia, the first Realschule was opened in Tomsk. The construction of this two-story stone building with a basement in the eclectic style took 3 years – from 1877 to 1880. The project was created by the Saint Petersburg architect Evgraph Vorotilov and sponsored by the Tyumen merchant, town’s head Prokopiy Podaruev. He also financed the building of a family chapel in honor of Aleksander Nevsky. The construction of the building was under control of the town architect Bogdan Tsinke. The first museum was established in Realschule based on the collections of its director and scientist Ivan Slovtsov and the famous philantropist Nikolay Chukmaldin.

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Tyumen, st. Respubliki, 7

Events in the region

Tyumen citizens many times became the winners in international competitions in track and field athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, and biathlon.

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