Yalutorovsk is the city of the Decembrists Bus excursion
Yalutorovsk: a Small City of Big People

Yalutorovsk is the city of the Decembrists Bus excursion

Tourists go to Yalutorovsk - the city of the Decembrists. It was here that from 1829 to 1856 9 Decembrists left the exile. You will learn about the history of Yalutorovsk, what contribution the exiled Decembrists contributed to its development. You are expected to visit the house-museum of the Decembrist Muravyov-Apostol. The exposition of the museum tells about the Russian nobleman-Decembrist, participant of the war of 1812. The museum has unique exhibits: furniture, books, engravings and other things of the Decembrist, which help to plunge into the times of that distant era.
Tourists will also visit the Museum of Local Lore and the Museum of Nature.
Further tourists are waited by fascinating excursion on Yalutorovsky prison - where you can plunge into the world of peasant amusements and amusements, feel and carry with you the traditions of Russian culture of 6-7 centuries. The atmosphere of the jail is saturated with the time of the foundation and the beginning of its development.

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