Welcome to Tyumen
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Welcome to Tyumen

During the excursion devoted to the history of the city, you will visit the old quarters - Sarai, Potaskuk, Tychkivka, pass through the Yamskaya Sloboda, admire the panorama from the Bridge of Lovers and breathe the scent of the Tatar-Bukhara Sloboda. A walk through the merchant's quarter, richly decorated with wooden house carvings, a visit to the Ilinsky convent and much more will leave an indelible impression, both among residents and visitors of our city.
Accompanies the tourists famous Tyumen merchant Appolinaria Ivanovna Sheshukova, the owner of the trading house "Viennese chic." On the route meets merchant Kolokolnikov and treats with the best sorts of tea from the smoking samovar and Tyumen sweets.
Visit the museum-estate of the Kolokolnikovs - the only surviving in Tyumen classic merchant's estate. The permanent exposition of the Kolokolnikov Museum-Estate in Tyumen "The History of the House of the 19th-20th Centuries" is devoted to the history of the Ikonnikovs and Kolokolnikovs' merchant families, historical events taking place in this house (one of them was a visit to the house in 1837 by the future Emperor Alexander II, which was also the great Russian poet VA Zhukovsky). In 1919 it housed the headquarters of Marshal V.K. Blucher
Also, excursionists will be able to swim in curative thermal springs under the open sky.

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